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Organizational Benefits of Electronic Document Management System


Documents are valuable entities which are part of every person and every organisation. This may involve licenses, bonds, etc., which are vital in today's world as everything needs a written permission from one authority or the other. Other documents involve project plans and administrative documents which are part of the organisation and what it stands for. Documents management system pertaining to an organisation or a firm are not in small numbers. Rather there are innumerable documents created everyday and there needs to be way to sort and organise every document without even losing a single one. This is where a document management system comes into play. The document management system is a computer software which stores and archives all the documents pertaining to an organization. Depending on the size of the organization, the number of systems used for managing documents can increase but usually a single document management system proves to be more than enough. There are several advantages using a document management system for an organization. The first and foremost is the minimal storage space the system uses for each document. The size of a single document is almost insignificant or negligible when compared to the total available space of a system managing documents. Of all the file types available, the document files are the most flexible files and occupy much little space. Firms which are still using a physical document management system need to think it over as it occupies a lot of real estate space too to store the different documents and filing them in order.

If an organization wants to setup a document management system it is important to convert the existing physical documents also into a digital document which can be stored in the computer system and accessed more easily than with physical documents. The converting of existing files is simple as one can scan the documents to store it in digital form. Once a proper system is setup, the system can also act as a server, sending and receiving documents to those who are in need of it within the organization. Today every firm is dependent on computers and when a system is primarily setup for storing documents, the employees of the firm can gain access to the documents from their computer itself when the data management system is connected over a network. Another important feature of using a system like this is the security factor. Earlier, important documents were kept in safes and lockers and were not readily available when needed. Today the document management systems can be encrypted and access to classified files and documents can be limited to the authority of those who need those documents. To gain access, the employee needs just the pass code and can access the classified document at the ease of his computer. Recovery of documents is also very using systems like these as they come with data backup software which takes a backup of everything that is saved to the system and every Organization can benefit from systems like this.